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Programs And Services

USM Alumni Give BacK

In addition to education and career opportunities, the USM Alumni Association offer a range of special benefits. Our members get the exposure and hands on experiences that they require to prepare them for the real world. Some of the perks include traveling to other foreign countries with our student exchange program to receive job training. The Train the Trainer model is the training strategy that will be utilized as students are expected to return to their local communities after acquiring the skillset necessary to transfer unto others


USM Alumni Give BacKMARC RICHARD HILAIRE Technical Community Center (MRHTCC

The MRH Technology Center also offers other services, including: career fairs, resume writing, business services, Alumni Meet and Greets, the Women in Business Program, and other family support services that foster individual and family well-being.

Benefits Of Alumni Association

USM fosters a network of alumni that focus on building and strengthening relationships across communities. Their sense of loyalty will enable them to become the best supporters and fundraisers. Their spirit of ambassadorship will increase the engagement of other viable stakeholders into the program. Upon graduation, USM alumni have the opportunity to become an integral part towards building intergenerational bridges over the years of existence of the program.

MARC RICHARD HILAIRE Technical Community Center (MRHTCC)

• Leadership & Civic engagement

• Professional Developments for professionals Internships

• Fast Track Certificate Programs

• Distance Learning

• Emergency Management Training

Alumni Summit

An Alumni Summit is organized to celebrate and refresh old relationships and form new ones. ... The alumni are thrilled to be back in the center again and interact with new students as they exchange their experience and testimonials. During Alumni Summits students, teachers, principals , local community leaders and diaspora or hosts are gathered to celebrate student achievement. This festivity is aligned with the annual anniversary celebration of St Marc.


  • Keyboarding
  • Windows
  • Microsoft Word - Basic, Intermediate
  • Microsoft Excel - Basic, Intermediate
  • Microsoft PowerPoint - Basic, Intermediate
  • Computer Literacy & Repair
  • Adult and Youth basic skills training
  • Senior Technology-55 and over

Purpose Of The USM Alumni Association

The purpose of the USM Association is to foster a spirit of loyalty and to promote the general welfare of USM. Its existence will support USM's goals, and strength en the ties between alumni, the community, and USM.This relation will engage alumni and current students in all aspects of the Community Center and the organization. Alumni will serve as ambassadors and advocates as well as assist with student recruitment, both directly and indirectly.